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When large groups of dogs come together on a regular basis there is all ways a risk of the spread of germs just like with children in the classroom, by following these simple guidelines we can help keep your dogs Happy Hounds and keep these risks to a minimum.

All dogs must have had their full course of vaccinations and yearly boosters.

It is recommended that your dog is treated for Kennel Cough. (Please speak to your vet for further information)

Dogs should be treated for fleas and worms on a regular basis with a veterinary approved flea and worming treatment. (Speak to your vet for a product that best suits your dog)

Any illness with your dog should be reported to Happy Hounds

Any behavioural issues or changes with your dog should be reported to Happy Hounds

Any dog that has been in Kennels will be subject to a 10 day quarantine period. This will start from the day after the dog leaves the kennels. During the quarantine period dogs will be walked on a one to one basis.