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"I can not recommend Happy Hounds enough. They have looked after my pooch from 8 weeks with puppy visits, walks and home visits when he’s been a poorly pup. Super friendly super flexible and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are fab!"



"We have been with Happy Hounds for over 3 years and are completely happy with the entire service,could not fault anything"



"I absolutely love this company. The genuine care they have for my dogs is unreal. Both my pooches love going for there walks and get so exited when they see them. They are so accommodating at fitting my dogs in for there walks, as I don't always know what I'm working so sometimes have to let them know at short notice but they always make the time for them. I would recommend them to all my friends and family."


What sets happy hounds apart from other service providers?

Happy Hounds provides a tailored service that will meet your dogs needs from 8 weeks to old age!


8 to 20 Week old puppies

Home Visits


During home visits we will feed and play with your puppy and clean up any accidents.

We will also run through any basic training you may be practicing, your puppy is too young to participate in our group walks during this time but we will do our best to tire your pup out with lots of mental stimulation.


5 Month to 10 Month Old

30 Minute Group Walks


Yay!!! Your puppy is now old enough to join in the fun!! These 30 minute walks are fantastic for your young pup, during these walks your puppy will learn lots of doggy manners and essential socialisation skills.

Some customers choose to continue 30 minute walks after the age of 10 Months which is awesome as it means your young pup will mixing with dogs of all ages! BUT if you feel at 10 months old your young pup is ready to take it to the next level...


12 Month old PLUS..

60 Minute Group Walks


Once your pup hits 10 months it can join in on our 60 minute group walks, some breeds just need more exercise and that’s good!! Dogs joining 60 minute groups at an older age and not moving up from the 30 minute walks do so under a trial period, during this time your dog will be watched closely to ensure he/she is fitting into our group. If I feel your pooch is struggling you will be notified and may be asked to fine alternative care providers.


Older Or Sickly Dogs

Home Visits


So if we’re lucky we will have seen your pooch all the way through its younger years and helped make those years the best years a dog could have but now it’s time for your pooch to slow down so back to home visits.


Home visits are also great should your pooch ever need care after surgery or be recovering from injury!






" chuffed with Steph and how our dog has settled in with the daily walks."